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Free pregnancy services & resources

Learn more about abortion pills and procedures, pregnancy options, aid, resources for parents, and our services. Need proof of pregnancy? Start with a free consultation and pregnancy testing appointment. If the test is positive, we can also provide free ultrasound verification so you can know what options are available to you.

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Emergency Contraceptive Pills - two types

Considering Abortion?

The first step is to confirm the pregnancy, how far along you are, and if the pregnancy is occurring inside the uterus.


The abortion pill is FDA-approved up to 70 days after your last menstrual period. The type and cost of abortion depend on multiple factors, including how far along you are and if there are any pregnancy complications. Make an appointment to learn more.

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Our Cost-Free Services

Pregnancy Testing

If you think you may be pregnant, the first step is taking a medical-grade pregnancy test. If the test is positive, we can provide additional services and resources for you.


Get answers on pregnancy, abortion, options, local resources, what to expect, side effects, parenting help, and more. Take the time you need to make an informed and empowered choice without cost or pressure involved.

Ultrasound Confirmation | Proof of Pregnancy

An ultrasound can determine how far along you are and give you proof of a viable pregnancy. It can also rule out a naturally occurring miscarriage and if the pregnancy is occurring outside the uterus,

Doctor Consult

Has Your Pregnancy Been Confirmed?

Obstetric ultrasounds can help determine:​​

  • the approximate age of your pregnancy

  • if the pregnancy is viable

  • if there is a potentially life-threatening ectopic (tubal) pregnancy

  • abortion methods by trimester

  • if your pregnancy is developing under normal conditions

  • whether or not you are carrying a single fetus or multiples (depending on gestational age)

If you are considering abortion, an ultrasound is needed to determine how far along you are and what options are available to you.

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Find Support. Be Empowered.

We're your go-to place for an unexpected pregnancy. No matter who you are or what you decide, we are here for you with compassionate care and support. Along with our medical services, we provide consultations, resources and referrals, aid, parenting classes, and support during and after your pregnancy. Contact us to learn more.

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Things to Note

Our services are provided to clients without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability, or other arbitrary circumstances.

All our pregnancy services are offered at no charge to you and are confidential to the fullest extent of the law.


Because we believe women and men have a right to get information from a resource that will not profit from their pregnancy decisions, all our services are provided at no cost to our patients. We do not provide or refer for termination services but can provide the information you need to make an informed choice. 

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